WHAT IS THE CENTER? With the aim of pooling resources to protect and restore our environment, a federation of local groups formed the Sonoma County Conservation Council in 1984. Eventually SCCC became incorporated as a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit. The Environmental Center of Sonoma County is a project of the SCCC. It is operated jointly with the Sierra Club's Redwood Chapter, Sonoma Group, mainly by volunteers.

WHAT HAPPENS AT THE CENTER? The Center has three functions. It supports the work of member organizations, serves as an information and referral service and provides opportunity for ad hoc groupings to work on specific issues. Member groups and guests use it as their home base, and/or as a place for presenting programs, having meetings, gatherings or work sessions. Most of this activity is open to the public directly, or through membership in one of the SCCC member organizations.

We have subscriptions to various publications such as North Coast EcoNews and Eel River Reporter.  Sierra Club publications are available here, and we often have copies of public planning documents such as environmental assessments and environmental impact reports.  Our volunteers and website provide referrals to many groups and help answer questions on a variety of conservation issues and local resource politics.  We sometimes function as networker between public agencies and environmental groups.

HOW IS THE CENTER FUNDED? Member groups pay yearly dues to SCCC. Additional support comes from periodic fundraising events (chiefly our Awards Dinner) gifts, grants and Friends of the Center—individuals who make regular donations.

WE NEED YOU AS A FRIEND...AND WHY YOU NEED US. Education and cooperation are key ingredients in stimulating positive action, whether it's grappling with the ever-present pressure on natural Sonoma County, or altering individual and collective habits in order to become better planetary citizens. Good information, and means to gather support are what the Environmental Center offers.

HELP YOURSELF BY HELPING US! Join a member group, share some ideas, help develop the network.  Or just send in the donation form and help pay the rent.  If you’re not already involved, find some time soon to participate in efforts to keep Sonoma County green!

For more information please call, write or email.

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