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Membership in the SCCC is open to any organization, large or small, whether or not incorporated. Current membership comprises a variety of types, from ad hoc citizen groups to incorporated nonprofits with sizeable paid staffs.

Membership eligibility criteria include

  • alignment of purpose with SCCC's mission
  • tangible evidence of pursuit of, or intention to pursue that purpose

Modest annual membership dues are established by mutual agreement; the dues amount considers both degree of use of SCCC facilities, if any is sought, and ability to pay.

Applicants not familiar with the SCCC will find a description on the Home page. The Bylaws (rev. of Nov 2002) of the SCCC and its companion "Policies and Procedures", are also available for review, at

Typically, a group's representatives attend a Board meeting as visitors (or presenters). At some point, a Membership Application is submitted and an admission motion follows at a subsequent Board meeting.

SCCC Directors (representatives of its member orgs) meet at least quarterly, sometimes more often, depending on season and activity on projects. Meetings are announced in advance and noticed online at


  • get acquainted
  • get and submit application
  • motion to admit at SCCC Board mtg
  • subscribe to SCCC-Members email list
    (list topics mostly limited to SCCC matters: Enviro Center management, events, networking activity)

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