Russian River Watershed Council WC's own, launched in May, '01, didn't last very long. After filtering through several stages of institutional shepherding during the last two decades, traces of the council's original intentions are now expressed via the North Coast Regional Partnership, under the heading of "Russian River Integrated Coastal Watershed Management Plan"

FORR and the WC ( Press releases, pubilc letters, e-mail reportage, etc. characterize the formation and early years of WC, compiled from point of view of Friends of the Russian River, predecessor of Russian Riverkeeper.

United States Army Corps Of Engineers and the Watershed Council: The Corps of Engineers--the chief beneficiary of all money spent under the rubric of "RR Watershed Council"--maintained the WC's seminal document archive initially, including minutes from its very first meeting on June 26, 1998.  We don't know how long ago the USACOE site was re-organized and the Watershed Council archive got disconnected, but as of now, federal management history and interests are found here:

last edited on December 14, 2015
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