Use the Center

The Environmental Center has a large meeting room with a screen and projector. We also have a cozy meeting room for up to 10 people. The Center is equipped with a bathroom, small kitchen and some rentable office space.

Non-members can also use the Center for a meeting or event. Please fill out the application below and contact us.
Fee Schedule
Application/Use Contract

Become a Member

Membership in the SCCC is open to any organization, large or small, whether or not incorporated. Current membership groups range from ad-hoc citizen groups to incorporated nonprofits with sizeable paid staffs.

Membership eligibility criteria include:
· alignment of purpose with SCCC’s mission,
· tangible evidence of pursuit of, or intention to pursue that purpose.

Annual membership dues are established mutual agreement; the dues amount considers both degree or use of SCCC facilities, if any is sought, and ability to pay. Associate membership is $200 per year, allowing use of the Environmental Center for meetings. Full membership, which typically includes representation on the SCCC board and storage or office space at the Center, starts at $400 per year.

Any group interested in membership can contact us by email, leave a message at (707) 578-0595, or talk to individual board members. To apply for membership,  download and fill out the membership application form.

Membership Application Form

The SCCC Board meets up to 10 times a year. Board meetings are noticed online on the Environmental Center Calendar, which displays all meetings held at the Center.