Climate change is already affecting all of U.S., report says

Kathleen Hennessey and Neela Banerjee, THE SACRAMENTO BEE
Climate change is already being felt in every region of the United States, resulting in hotter summers, shorter winters, extreme precipitation, even worsening allergies that will change the way Americans live, according to a government report released Tuesday.
The National Climate Assessment mandated by Congress and published every four years to guide policymakers, offers sobering details of climate change’s immediate effects.
“The overall message is that climate change is happening right now – we can’t think of this as an issue for future generations,” said Radley Horton, one of the lead authors and a climate scientist at the Earth Institute’s Center for Climate Systems Research at Columbia University. “We know that the effects on ecosystems, infrastructure, economics and public health are going to grow.”
The report sketches out grim scenarios for different regions. The Northeast and Midwest, for instance, would see many more heavy downpours that could lead to flooding and erosion. The Southwest, including California, would be more prone to extreme heat, drought and wildfire, while the Northwest could see widespread tree die-off because of wildfire, insect outbreaks and disease.
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