Dry food

Cliff Weathers, BOHEMIAN.COM

For the first time in 15 years, all of the Golden State suffers from a water shortage, and while that’s very bad for the region, it may also send food prices skyrocketing throughout the country.

An April study from Arizona State University said the price of lettuce could jump by as much as 34 percent; the price of a single avocado is estimated to rise by some 28 percent, to $1.60.

"You’re probably going to see the biggest produce price increases on avocados, berries, broccoli, grapes, lettuce, melons, peppers, tomatoes and packaged salads," says ASU agribusiness professor Timothy Richards in a statement. Meanwhile, a study released by the UC Davis Watershed Sciences Department on May 19 said the drought would cost the state’s ag economy $1.7 billion.

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