Rohnert Park OKs mandatory water limits


Rohnert Park is the latest city to crack down on wasteful water users and impose mandatory conservation measures in the face of one of the worst droughts to hit the state in a generation.

With the passage of a new city ordinance this week, residents are no longer allowed to water lawns to the point of excess runoff or wash vehicles with hoses that do not have shutoff nozzles. Washing down driveways also is prohibited, as are decorative fountains that do not use recirculated water.

The city will stop short of fining violators, officials said, even though it has the authority to levy fines of up to $500 per day. Instead, those who waste water will get a visit from code enforcement personnel followed by a letter asking them to be more conservative with their watering. A third infraction could result in a customer’s water being shut off.

via Rohnert Park OKs mandatory water limits | The Press Democrat.

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