Climate change threatens half of North American bird species


Bluebirds, mallards and other beloved California birds may vanish from our summer skies, according to an alarming new report by the National Audubon Society.

Over the next six decades, climate change could shrink or shift the range of half of the nation’s 588 bird species, forcing them to move or adapt to smaller ranges, according to the group’s scientists. Some species may die out.

Of the 314 threatened or endangered species listed in the report, 170 are regularly seen in California.

"This report has a lot of importance for us," said Audubon California Executive Director Brigid McCormack. "Our hope is that this will prompt people to step up and protect the birds they enjoy in their daily lives."

The future also looks dark in a report released Tuesday by several federal agencies, Cornell University and private organizations. It found bird populations declining across Western U.S. habitats, especially in arid lands such as the desert, sagebrush and chaparral regions of Utah, Arizona and New Mexico.

via Climate change threatens many bird species – San Jose Mercury News.

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