Opinion: Prop. 1 – One more shovel of dirt on the grave of our fisheries

The next time you crack open a crab, or are served a plate of our delicious salmon, think about the near-extinction of these fantastic seafoods due to overpumping our rivers and the San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary to water desert mega-farms.
The salmon and crab that are essential to Northern California diet and culture, and the $1.4 billion this fishing industry contributes to our economy, will eventually disappear from our dinner plates if Proposition 1 passes in the November election.
Proposition 1 is one more shovel of dirt on the grave of our salmon, crab and other Pacific fisheries.
Proposition 1’s biggest spending is to build more dams to hold water we don’t have.
That’s misplaced spending and harms the businesses, families and communities that depend upon our salmon, crab and other fisheries.

Our water shortage is not an engineering problem Proposition 1 can solve with billions of dollars of concrete. The 1 percent of additional water that may come from Proposition 1’s dam-building has already been spoken for 5 to 7 times over.

That’s how much water has been promised beyond what we have available each year. We don’t have enough water to fill our existing reservoirs, so what good is Proposition 1’s spending to enlarge them?

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