Legislation introduced to make Berryessa-Snow Mountain into national monument

Rep. Mike Thompson, D-St. Helena, and California Sens. Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein introduced legislation in the House and Senate on Thursday to designate the 360,100-acre Berryessa-Snow Mountain region — all federally owned land — as a national monument.
The move represents a slight shift for Thompson and Boxer, who tried in 2013 to get the sprawling area, which runs for 100 miles south-to-north through Napa, Lake, Mendocino, Solano and Yolo counties, placed in a national conservation area.
Neither of those bills came to a vote in either chamber, and now both the Senate and House are under Republican control.
Thompson said in an interview Thursday that he will “work with the leadership in the House” to advance the new bill, noting that he has succeeded in the past with the House Committee on Natural Resources, where his bill was sent.
Thompson helped secure passage of a bill that established permanent protection of 273,000 acres of publicly owned land in Del Norte, Humboldt, Mendocino, Lake and Napa counties in 2006, when former Rep. Richard Pombo, a conservative Republican from Tracy, chaired the committee.
The current chairman, Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, has a 4 percent lifetime score from the League of Conservation Voters, an environmental nonprofit group that rates federal lawmakers on a zero to 100 scale based on their votes on key issues. Thompson has a 91 percent lifetime score.
At the same time, Thompson said he is working with the Interior Department on the possibility of getting President Barack Obama to declare the area a national monument.
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