Audit slams Santa Rosa garbage company management 

An auditor hired by Santa Rosa to analyze the performance of the region’s largest garbage hauler has issued a scathing critique of the company’s management, recycling efforts, customer service and safety record.
The 42-page audit concluded that North Bay Corp. is in violation of numerous terms of its franchise agreement, the lucrative contract that gives it the exclusive right to collect garbage, recycling and yard waste from nearly 50,000 homes and businesses in the city.
The alleged violations, which could lead to substantial financial penalties for the Santa Rosa-based firm owned by James Ratto, include operating a fleet of aging garbage trucks, not recycling to minimum levels, operating an unpermitted, rat-infested recycling facility and failing to answer customers’ calls promptly.
The shortcomings are so significant that city staff will be recommending the City Council not extend the company’s lucrative contract for another five years after 2017, and instead reopen it to competitive bidding.
“I would not recommend (extension) to council because they are so far out of compliance,” said Gloria Hurtado, deputy city manager.
Company officials said they were surprised by the conclusions in the audit and question its accuracy, saying they were not given enough time to respond before the audit was released to the public.The company said it plans to issue a detailed response by June 21, before the City Council takes up the issue July 12.
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