Vision emerging for last segment of Windsor Town Green

A vision for redeveloping a last remaining swath of downtown Windsor could come into a little more focus this week.
The Town Council on Wednesday will discuss future plans for the northern edge of Windsor’s signature Town Green and its Civic Center site.They include tearing down Town Hall, the police station, or school district offices to create surface parking; using the Huerta gymnasium site to make way for a hotel, conference facility and retail space; and a “pavilion,” multipurpose events center on the current site of the regional library.
Those are just a few of the possibilities that emerged from a series of community visioning workshops last spring in addition to interviews with residents, business owners, property owners and town staff.
“This is an introductory moment as to what we may or may not do with those lands,” Mayor Mark Millan said Friday. “This is just the beginning of some interesting dialogue for all of us.”
The council will weigh three alternatives presented by consultants Wallace, Roberts and Todd, part of a $200,000 contract approved in February for analysis of new development of the civic center site and property stretching north to the intersection of Old Redwood Highway and Windsor Road.
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