Respect Roseland resistance


At least four organized groups of different Roseland residents are resisting Santa Rosa development plans being pushed through by the city Planning and Economic Development department staff at this time. Underlying the discontent which has been brewing in Roseland for many years is the city approach of “TINA.” “There is no alternative!” This tyrannical top-down approach by the city of Santa Rosa, and also the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, has long rankled many Roseland residents.

What is raising the hackles of many folks in Roseland now is the fact the city is STILL following the mandates of the 30-year-old Southwest Area Plan (SWAP). Though many more people now live in the 1.2 square mile Roseland area the city, and the paid consultants leading many of the development plans for the city do not want to recognize there is real displeasure with the city plans. Many people feel the 5-year-old Roseland Specific Plan was just a renewal of the same old SWAP plan without making any real improvements for the residents living in Roseland now.

The city has been running roughshod over Roseland for so many years the staff does not seek out true authentic community engagement in the planning process for developments or public policy decision making. The traffic concerns accompanying the rapid population increase in Roseland is very bothersome to many residents.