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Why Apple's new iPhone is bad for the environment

The new iPhone will come with a sleeker design and improved functions – but it also carries a hefty environmental price tag.
On Tuesday, Apple announced three new models of its smartphone device: The higher end iPhone X (pronounced “ten” at $999) and the more modestly priced iPhone 8 (starting at $699 for 64GB) and iPhone 8S models (starting at $799 for 64GB.) The new iPhone has facial-recognition technology and wireless charging, and has a battery that’s two hours longer than previous iPhones.
But even that cost pales in comparison with the cost to the environment: There have been 7.1 billion smartphones manufactured since 2007, according to Greenpeace – enough to equip nearly every person in the world with a device. Yet, new devices like the iPhone 8 continue to be produced as consumers seek out new and improved models, creating significant concerns related to the environmental impact smartphones have.
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